Bravada Yachts

One of the most exhilarating partnerships we have taken on as a company is Bravada Yachts, a luxury lake yacht manufacturer located in Tolleson Arizona. When we came into the picture Bravada was going through a major rebrand and design process in regards to their boats & company image. We worked alongside some brilliant minds like David Weiss, a designer of luxury super yachts to yield some of the content for the Bravada website. David helped the Bravada team redesign their models & produced awesome renders for the website that allowed us to create a bold website with proper functionality. (Updated: We recently worked in photos from one of Bravada's newest vessels to hit the water this past June.)


Our team made a significant impact on their website through creating an experience that is aesthetically pleasing, functional & mobile friendly. Below you’ll see the type of impressions they were making before our team took over and the results after we launched the site. Through this process we also took their SEO to a new level to ensure that they always appear at the top of Google to compliment their PPC ads. To top it off we drastically reduced their bounce rate to a mere 3% as an average user spends multiple minutes browsing through the website learning about what Bravada offers.


After our team finished reconciling and making the final changes to the website it was time for us to set up their Google & Facebook ads. Our team has been diligent on keeping up-to-date with the changes within the advertising industry because its quick moving. The consistent drive to be the best at what we do, has allowed us to scale Bravada quickly and return a ROAS (return on ad spend) upwards of 20x. It's not often you get the opportunity to drive leads to a product that ranges from $1M-$4M dollars, so we really pushed the limits to build out ad campaigns that have generated hundreds of leads, thousands of social engagements, and millions of dollars in revenue.

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