Why Your Struggling To Sell Boats Through Social Media

There is a reason why our team has chosen to niche into the boating industry. It’s not totally about it being a big passion of ours, but it's about solving an issue for an industry that is hurting. The current digital footprint of most marine & boating-related brands is outdated, dull and out of style. We have audited countless boating brands websites, social channels, content and digital advertising strategies that have shown us why digital marketing for boating feels “dull”. 

For fun fact, digital marketing has been one of the leading revenue drivers for boating brands over the past few years, which means it works. The problem is that most boating brands look exactly the same. Websites, content, and the customer journey seem to be eerily similar which means that most brands haven’t found a way to properly diversify themselves. What this means is that target customers can get lost & confused in the journey of discovering who you are. If websites, content & emails look the same they can confuse your company with another and that means your losing out on hard-earned $$$ as a business owner.

A big part of differentiating yourself in the pack is creating content that is consumable, relatable & unique. We do just that with our client Bravada Yachts. For example, Bravada specifically sells many shares of their vessels to clientele who spend time on Lake Powell. Bravada is not the only houseboat manufacturer with watercraft at Lake Powell & they had to find a way to make themselves different not only with their product but with their website, content, messaging & automation. With that being said we created content that showed more of the process of the boats being built to show transparency and build excitement for potential customers. We used this footage with footage of the products in use on the water and a voiceover that grabbed viewers' attention. (Check out the ad here) ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcEQskIGwtY

It was the ad shown above which was displayed on Facebook & Instagram and a blend of Google ads that allowed us to drive hundreds of qualified leads to the Bravada website which turned into millions in revenue for Bravada in only a matter of months. The thing is Bravada is unique with its content, website experience, automation and sales follow up process. We built out systems that allow customers to seamlessly flow from content -> website -> form fill out -> email automation -> sales follow up. We increase the Life Time Value of these customers by automating a lot of the marketing and allowing the sales team to do what they do the best. Which is sell the leads after they have been warmed up and educated through our marketing efforts.

It is very important to create a path of “least resistance” in the customer journey and you do that by ensuring your targeting is on point while running paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, & Youtube. While also ensuring that the content you create is relevant to your demographic and future customers. Many boating brands simply share images of new boats they release and throw them up as ads. Or they use the same similar drone footage shot of a textbook “American” family laughing and smiling as they ride across the water on their new boat. While that is cool and all, EVERY BRAND DOES IT. Which means there are not very many industry leaders. Don’t be afraid as a company to be unique, share your story and hire a team that has actual experience in your industry. It’s why we do what we do here at FG, we want brands that are passionate and create amazing products to win. 

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CEO - Jared Gobler

About the Author.

Jared Gobler is an entrepreneur, online marketing specialist, and Boating Enthusiast. He is the founder of the digital marketing agency FG Marketing Co. and a sustainable hemp clothing company Greenz. Jared is best known as an entrepreneur, connector, and providing exceptional services. He currently advises and creates marketing plans for several companies in the Phoenix Arizona area. I'm a connector. I love connecting with like-minded individuals for the greater good. I can be found online at @jaredgobler.