What's Better, Employee's or An Advertising Agency?

The times are changing, and with change comes new ways of doing things. For many years, companies have developed internal marketing teams & departments to cut costs and oversee the marketing process entirely. In more recent years marketing has changed A LOT. It’s not like marketing itself has changed, but what has is the way marketing is distributed. The biggest change has been the integration of the digital landscape. Now a days many companies are moving away from more traditional methods (print, tv, radio) and moving towards digital outlets (Search Engines, Social Media, Email etc..). 

“It Doesn't make sense to hire smart people to tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” - Steve Jobs

This change has birthed a new era of marketing along with new types of marketing agencies. There are now entire companies whose agencies are focused on certain types of digital marketing. Some agencies just build websites, some just do paid media buying, others create content and some do everything. Depending on what your needs are as a company, you may really want to consider getting your marketing outsourced, especially specialized skills like Facebook & Google advertising, Content Creation & Creative copywriting etc.

There are many more steps in hiring an employee, versus outsourcing to an agency. Also, specialized employees are NOT cheap or in abundance in the market. Many people with these “specialized” skill sets find other ways to make money, rather than working for a company. These people often start their own businesses, built upon that specialized knowledge that you seek as a company. It’s common nowadays for many skilled Facebook, Google & Email marketers to have their own digital agencies & e-commerce related businesses. They can do it because they have the skills needed to create an extremely profitable company through digital marketing channels.

“Running A Business Without Marketing Will Kill It.” - Paul Cookson

Many advertising agencies have to stay on top of the ever changing digital landscape, while continually educating and providing results. They have to, otherwise they don’t make money. This is another strength an agency has against an employee. Agencies self educate, stay ahead of the curve & give it 100% always because they need to, where an employee may be a little more susceptible to “laziness” and not give it their all, especially if they are not passionate about that position.

If your company is considering bringing employees or hiring an outside agency to take care of your digital presence, make sure to do your due diligence. My team has met many business owners whom have far too often lost TONS of money advertising online. It’s because they weren’t educated enough to create a positive ROI, or they trusted the wrong person, employee or agency with their money. Paid media buy, email marketing, content creation etc...are all extremely valuable for businesses in 2019, especially when you hire the right agency they become more like family.

-Jared Gobler / CEO of FG Marketing Co.

About The Author:

Jared Gobler is an entrepreneur, online marketing specialist and Boating Enthusiast. He is the Co-founder of the digital marketing agency FG Marketing Co. and a sustainable hemp clothing company Greenz. Jared is best known as an entrepreneur, connector, and providing exceptional services. He currently advises and creates marketing plans for several companies in the Phoenix Arizona area. I'm a connector. I love connecting with like-minded individuals for the greater good. I can be found online at @jaredgobler.