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Protein House Case Study

Protein House is a healthy fit kitchen with locations across the united states. We worked directly with the arcadia location in Phoenix AZ.

The client had not yet identified that digital was becoming more and more important as a marketing channel, as opposed to traditional promotional methods such as print advertising and direct mail. We presented them with a digital strategy that would produce results in excess of the natural migration to the online channels they already had.


The client’s key objectives included the following:

  • Develop and execute an integrated digital strategy that achieves increased foot traffic through the doors and make the best use of available marketing resources.

  • Tracking and recording results of customers coming in.

  • Increase new customers coming in and lifetime value.

  • Boost average transaction size

How the objectives were achieved

  • Devising a web marketing strategy addressing the areas of traffic generation, created sharable and consumable content,

  • Good ole pen and paper was the reporting system we used to track results. Sometimes you can't track walkins unless you have GEO targeting but you still can't record revenue. So we used pen and paper to track in-store walk-ins, phone calls, and total sales in a day and compared them to the previous months without advertising.

  • Introducing new traffic sources, with Facebook and Instagram Advertising campaigns to augment existing traffic.

  • Launching a social media campaign to showcase the freshest ingredients and flavors, engage the community and reach new audiences.

  • Conducting Optimisation and A/B split testing on key KPI’s for video content and the audiences we were targeting.

  • Key Results

  • In Store foot traffic increased by 40% year on year

  • Average order value grew by 20% year on year

  • Daily sales revenue Exceeded $5,000 year on year