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Social Media Marketing Myths...BUSTED

Marketing online is not as complex as we make it out to be. Learning how to overcome your “limiting” beliefs on the subject of marketing on Social Media just may save your business. Or, if you are a social media/digital marketer learning how to overcome your potential clients limiting beliefs about marketing online will save you a ton of time attempting to convince people that they need something that they don’t yet understand. Below are the top five social media marketing “myths” that we busted for the sake of clearing up the mass confusion for our clients, friends, and colleagues.

1.) “I don’t need to market my company online”

The truth is you do. Realize that over 2 Billion people use Facebook every single day. Realize that over 1.2 billion searches are generated DAILY on YouTube. Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users. No TV commercial, magazine ad, or radio blip you pay for can reach that vast array of people. The best part is that when you pay for advertising on a social media platform like Facebook you can advertise directly to your demographic to an eerily creepy degree. (Learn How Targeted You Can Get With FB Ads Here)

2.) “Facebook Ads Don’t Work”

Myth. The truth is Facebook ads are the cheapest way to advertise right now. If you really know what you are doing you can get video views for as low as .01/cent per view. When you combine that fact with the 2 billion active users DAILY it is the most effective, targeted marketing tool to use on EARTH. The only reason you may not have had success is that you don’t know how to build out true ads on the back end of Facebook’s business manager. Or you were probably not spending enough money over a correct amount of time to get the results you wished to see. Just like a cake, if you miss an ingredient in running ads you can mess up an entire campaign in a matter of a few clicks.

3.) “I don’t think I need videos for my marketing campaigns”

The truth is you do need to leverage video. Regardless of your personal preference the easier you make it for people to find you the more success you will have.A video is the simplest way to show your customer what you can do for them that allows them to solve a problem they are facing. If it is a restaurant, dentist, or gym when you can capture a customers attention in a few seconds and connect with them on an emotional level where they feel a bond with you, you’ve won. This becomes super powerful when you run ads to your video because Facebook gets over 8 BILLION daily video views. The truth is, your company deserves a good chunk of those views.

4.) “I don’t need an Instagram account for my business”

Myth. Instagram is owned by Facebook and the ads you build on Facebook can be directly transferred to Instagram. Remember, 800 million people are active on Instagram monthly. This is a HUGE chunk of people that you can advertise too. Especially if you have great visual content. Instagram is a space where you can directly plugin with your customer and connect with them on a more personal level than any other social media platform to date. Simply put, do not allow the rubbish from other people dictate you towards not using social because you think it “can’t” work. You do not know something until you live it, so give it a shot.

5.) “I can just post and people will engage”

Myth. The truth is there is a lot that goes behind the scenes psychologically when people view your content. First off, what is your content bringing the viewer? Second, is your message simple and concise? Third, is your content engaging, exciting and fun? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. You can sit and post all kinds of random stuff all day and call it “good” but the truth is quality over quantity will win every time. Don’t expect people to engage if you did not take your time to make a high-quality post that brings them value. Also, with the ever elusive algorithm always changing the easiest and most effective way to build engagement is to run ads towards your best content so that new fans & customers naturally join your entire ecosystem.

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Skylar G. Lysaker // C.O.O of FG Marketing Co.

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The Importance Of Brand Awareness

With millions of different businesses, brands and companies to choose from consumers are consistently bombarded with advertising from all angles. Being a marketer whom enjoys the psychology behind advertising in today’s world its difficult to capture the attention of a potential customer. Especially if you’re not properly promoting your brand or making people aware that you exist.

There are many ways to raise your brand’s awareness, but to me, the simplest way to go about this is to go directly to the source. Ask yourself, “Where do my potential buyers/consumers spend their time” Ask yourself, “Where do my current customers stay engaged with me”. After answering these simple questions you may have an array of answers. The truth is, there are only a handful of places where people today are really placing their attention beyond their hobbies, jobs, families etc…These platforms they spend their time on also are very closely connected with their hobbies, jobs, and families. If your getting the hunch that social media is what I’m talking about then your RED HOT!

Social Media and Search Engines like Facebook, Instagram, Google & Youtube consume hours of time from billions of people every day. These platforms are the best way RIGHT NOW to capture your potential and current customers attention. These platforms are the best way RIGHT NOW to raise your brand awareness so you do not get lost in the large, but finite amount of other brands your consumers could choose to purchase from. I emphasize right now because NOW is the only time that exists, and to put off attempting to grow your company with new marketing/advertising methods is insane. Especially because many businesses are crushing it with these advertising methods right now. I’m telling you do NOT sleep on the potential of building your brand’s awareness through social/search advertising.

One thing I notice often with business owners I talk to is the fear they have of trusting these platforms to get the job done. The truth is fear never got anyone anywhere and will slow you down instantly in business. Another truth is that this is where your consumers spend their time. If your wasting thousands of dollars per month direct mailing, appearing in magazines and print media that simply gets thrown away you’re doing yourself a disservice. Literally, think about how many emails, pieces of ad mail and TV/Radio commercials you skip because it’s not new, exciting or engaging. On the contrary, I am not saying these methods do not “work” but they are not as POTENT as social or search right now or over the coming years.

If your a business owner and are struggling to drive Brand Awareness then you need to rethink your marketing strategies. The best part about advertising through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is the social proof that gets attached to your ad. It’s not like a radio or TV ad where you cannot even track the true reach or impact that ad made. With these new platforms, you can track exactly who engaged, how many times it was viewed, who commented, who shared it, and wherein the world these people are at. It’s literally the coolest thing to see one video on a platform like Facebook blow up and shift the path of whomever person/business that posted it.

Another great thing about this is that the more attention your content gets, the more people become aware of you, and it’s calculated. It’s calculated because the more you pay the more attention you get. Your budget is completely up to you and it allows any small to large corporate business to continue to grow no matter what level they are at. Granted yes you must hire an agency or pay in-house talent to carry out these tasks. Yet a good piece of content will go far for you with a team that really knows how to market online today. If you care about building your Brand Awareness and want to succeed in business RIGHT NOW then take advantage of advertising on these platforms.


Skylar Lysaker

C.O.O of FG Marketing Co.

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