Ninety percent of brands will fail in the next five years due to a dull digital edge. FG Marketing Co. is a private digital agency specialized in paid advertising, commercial content creation, and ai powered advertising platforms. We build, acquire, and strategically partner with brands we believe in.

Ai Powered Advertising

Proprietary Systems

Our Vortex Marketing™ & Vortex Scaling™ Formulas Are Built On The Most Advanced Artificially Intellegent Platforms Available.

Paid Advertising

We Purchase Placement On The Largest Search And Social Media Platforms, And Translate Attention Into Revenue That Scales.

Digital Asset Creation

Content Creation

Our Talented In House Team Of Creators Produce World Class Content, And Position Brands Like Yours To Stand Out In Today's Marketplace.

Website Design 

Your Customers Perception Is Their Reality. Our Designers Build Digital Sales Machines, And Position Brands In Their Best Light.

Profesional Services


Connecting With Future Customers, Is A Complex Problem Even For The Best Brands. Obtain Effective Solutions, Directly From Our Executive Team.

Business Intel

 What Is Tracked And Recorded Will Improve. Custom Tailor Your Brand's BI Dashboard, Get Real Time Metrics, And Optimize Your Brand's Growth.

We Grow Brands We Believe In

Your Digital Edge

If your are ready to take your brand to the next level, send us an application below and our team will connect with you.